I LOVE OFFROAD Terms of trade

We offer several goods' order alternatives:

1.) The quickest and most convenient way is your phone call (non-stop) at +421 904 609 686

Simply give us a call and dictate your order…

2.) Order via SMS (non-stop) at +421 904 609 686

Just send your order per SMS with exact title and price of the desired article(s). The SMS is charged as a common short message.

3.) E-mail order

Enter exact title and price of ordered goods. Don't forget to give your phone number, it's necessary for verification of the order made!!! Please send it to the following e-mail address: info@iloveoffroad.com

4.) Post-registration direct order via e-shop

Payment and delivery

Products ordered through our e-shop are being delivered as COD within 14 days (usually 2-3 days) since the receipt of your order. A phone call and an e-mail order confirmation will follow subsequently. Postage and package charges differ depending on the size and weight of goods ordered:

Shipments abroad are charged according to the terms of the Slovak Post.

By mutual agreement with the customer we are able to assure a different way of goods' delivery as well.
In case of an eventual claim please feel free to get in touch with us per phone at +421 904 609 686.

Expenses with regard to transport in the course of a claim are covered by us. We look after smooth processing of our customers' requests in shortest time possible.

Personal data protection (PDP)

PDP guarantee according to the law Nr. 428/2002 of Collection of Laws

This sensitive data protection statement refers to the ILOVEOFFROAD.com e-shop.
ILOVEOFFROAD.com is committed to no exposure, merchandising or disclosure of personal data to any third-party, nor usage of personal data for commercial offer unrelated to the ILOVEOFFROAD.com e-shop server without former approval of proprietors of the data mentioned.
ILOVEOFFROAD.comis also committed to deletion of personal data from the clients' database according to customer's wish without any reason.
Should the ownership of this e-shop be assigned to another person or company, all the data gained will be transferred to the new possessor providing that this statement is observed.

ILOVEOFFROAD.comdoes not collect any sensitive personal data predicating of propriety and proprietary conditions, national, racial or ethnical origin, political attitudes or membership in political parties. Personal data storage is accomplished in compliance with the law Nr. 428/2002 of Collection of Laws referring to PDP.

ILOVEOFFROAD.comgathers some personal information specified thereinafter, particularly on behalf of its own needs and those essential for completion of commercial agreements arisen during running of this e-shop, as well as for simplification of the purchase proceeding.

What kind of data do we collect?
ILOVEOFFROAD.comcollectsinformation requried solely for accomplishment of a commercial agreement concluded with the client on the www.iloveoffroad.com server.
Following data are affected:

  • First name and Surname
  • Delivery address
  • Email
  • Phone number