DOUBLE RED – About us

The DOUBLE RED company ranks among the leaders selling off-road equipment within Central and Eastern Europe. Highly resistant first-rate products are delivered to 8 European countries via our own distributive network or regional partners. Our relatively quick establishment in market is due to innovation and excellent quality of our products, which is being achieved through strict supervision of each and every article delivered. Another indisputable advantage in comparison to competition is the largest off-road equipment stock supply in the region of Central and Eastern Europe, as well as perfectly handled logistics making us the swiftest providers of ordered goods on the market.
Our products are offered under following brands: DOUBLE RED Unlimited off-road equipment, DOUBLE RED Design (leisure and sport clothing, streetwear) more info, EXPEDITION SPIRIT (expedition clothing and accesories). Our company regularly organizes and sponsores multiple European off-road events such as Navigation Rally, Serbia Trophy, SHOCK Cup etc.

DOUBLE RED and EXPEDITION SPIRIT articles have found their way to the market in nearby whole Central Europe thanks to their quality and favourable prices. Professional DOUBLE RED winches that underwent tests during expeditions in Romanian, Ukrainian and Balkan mountains have proved their reliability and power at many a mire, snow blockage or drive.
In 2014 the DOUBLE RED team successfully took part at Rally Budapest-Bamako with a JEEP Wrangler adjusted by DOUBLE RED accesories. The DOUBLE RED Caiman 12000 winch has also been used in 2012 at the prestigious Dakar, being mounted in the accompanying car of the Slovak racers Dušan Čipka and Ján Zaťko. In the very same vehicle there has been DOUBLE RED off-road gear like sand track and air compresor.
Reinforced DOUBLE RED steel wheels are very popular in European market because of their incredible endurance and stylish matt black color with two characteristic red stripes along the entire perimeter.
Another backbone product are the strength bumpers. As the first one in Slovakia, DOUBLE RED company has brought an affordable strength bumper, a high-class and precisely manufactured commodity that kept its beneficial price and became available to majority of off-roader owners.
DOUBLE RED offer has been extended in 2013 by LED or xenon lamps ensuring matchless visibility at night or damp and chilly weather.